Ambiance Acoustics was founded in 1994 by Robert J. Salvi in San Diego, CA. For Salvi, the audio affliction started early at age 13 when he received his first “separates” stereo system made by Fisher. Over time, it escalated to better and better equipment and eventually, a penchant for modifying the equipment. Finally in 1994, Salvi began designing his own loudspeakers…with a twist. The systems employ full-range drivers and outboard equalization. Wanting the best, he enlisted the services of John Murphy at to design a flexible, compact and transparent platform to contour the sound of Salvi’s Cube designs. Hence, the EQC-1 Active Equalizer. This labor of love has culminated in loudspeaker systems that capture the essence of an original event and translates it into an immersive sonic experience.

At Ambiance Acoustics, it’s all about …defining the art of sound

Original Cube Series Product Reviews

“…they sound right”

— Nick Batzdorf, Recording***

“…these speakers are ballsy.”

— Steve LaCerra, EQ***

“And because of the subwoofer, the low end is more substantial than on any nearfield monitoring system I’ve had in for review. (The only exception being the Ambiance Acoustics’ California Cube….)”

— Nick Batzdorf in his review of the Genelec 1029/1091 Monitor/Sub system (Recording 10/97)

“These speakers rock!”

— Bruce Bartlett, Pro Audio Review***


— Alan L. Maier, SMR Home Theater***

“Lively and life-like – from the get-go the Super Cubes go a long way to putting you concert, stage-center for a private performance of your favorite recordings.”

— Todd Whitesel,

Note: Product reviews with *** were performed with the first release California Cube, not the California Cube (rev.II).