The Cubes

In 1994 we rolled out the first production model of our California Cube loudspeaker system. Our objective was to design a loudspeaker system small in size, but BIG in sound. We wanted to create a loudspeaker system that was accurate enough for recording professionals, and exacting enough to satisfy the most demanding audiophile. The design approach employed to meet our lofty goals was to completely eliminate any crossover network, resulting in both reduced distortion and phase interference. There is no circuitry between the amp/receiver and the Cubes. All processing is done at line level in the EQC-1 Active Equalizer. The final result? The recently released California Cube Evo. A system that incorporates many years of iterative design improvements, making the California Cube better than it’s ever been! If you’re looking for a quality nearfield monitor, or a critical listening system that performs well in small to medium sized spaces, the California Cube Evo is for you. That’s how we’re …defining the art of sound!

EQC-1 Active Equalizer

In case you’re wondering: “What’s the little black box do?” It’s the EQC-1 Active Equalizer, the ‘heart and soul’ of the Cube loudspeaker systems. So what exactly does the EQC-1 do? Quite simply, it extends and flattens the frequency response of the ‘Cubes.’ Progressive design, meticulous attention to detail, and a “cut no corners” approach to components, are combined to make the EQC-1 circuitry transparent and durable. This approach towards circuit design enables us to “make the hardware disappear.” The EQC-1 is easy to hook up and will interface with most any amp or receiver. Since the EQC-1 is wired before your amp/receiver, there is an unimpeded current flow to the ‘Cubes’. So what’s the bottom line? Whether you’re mixing down in the studio, or firing up that favorite CD (or LP) at home, you need the sonic truth. You’ll appreciate how Ambiance Acoustics is …defining the art of sound!

Build and Finish

The enclosure of the California Cube Evo is constructed of MDF (medium density fiberboard). MDF provides excellent rigidity as well as superior damping of resonances. The enclosure interior is then damped with polyfill. The ‘Cube’ is a vented enclosure, which helps facilitate deep bass response not normally associated with small speakers. The rear firing port allows you to “tune” the amount of bass in your listening environment by placing the ‘Cubes’ closer or further from reflective surfaces such as walls. At the rear of the speaker under the port is a gold plated 5-way binding post to accommodate most any cable size or termination. No bi-wiring or bi-amping needed with the Cubes! Our enclosure finishes vary from laminates, to veneers, to painted. Our standard finish is dubbed “Studio Black”: an eggshell finish black laminate. We also offer custom finishes for customers, with prices of the loudspeaker systems varying based on the availability and cost of the finishes. Once again we’re …defining the art of sound!

Super Cube Evo

Coming soon! An 8″ forward facing full-range driver and 5″ full-range drivers on both sides and the top! Each Cube weighs a whopping 55 lbs. each!!! Movies will never sound better! And of course, this system is paired with the EQC-1 Active equalizer. Note: pictured is a prototype. The final design has an integrated front baffle.


Frequency response (all models) 45Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity (all models) 90dB @1w/1m
Nominal impedance (all models) 8 ohms
Rated peak power handling California: 120w, Super: 200w
Suggested amplifier power (all models) any home or pro amp, or receiver
Speaker dimensions (all models) 13-5/8″ OD cubed
Speaker weight (does not include packaging) California: 28 lbs, Super: 55 lbs
Number of speaker drivers per enclosure California: one 8″, Super: one 8″, three 6.5″
Speaker driver type (all models) full range
EQC-1 weight 3 lbs.

Cube Features

  • No Crossovers = No circuitry between amp and Cube
  • Single 8 ohm driver = An easy load for any amplifier to drive
  • Planar Driver Alignment= Time Coherent signal, no on axis phase shift


  • 4th order vented box, MDF enclosure
  • 8″ full range driver
  • Gold plated binding posts
  • No bi-wiring or bi-amping required
  • Box finishes painted, veneered, or laminated
  • Hand crafted

EQC-1 Active Equalizer

  • Premium grade circuitry including:
  • Toroidal transformer (115/230VAC)
  • Metal film resistors
  • Polypropylene capacitors
  • Double sided glass epoxy board
  • Gold plated RCA jacks
  • EQ bypass (switched)
  • High pass filter: 18db/octave slope @ 53Hz (switched)